Exchange Policy

The YZ Buyer Product Exchange process explained 

This handy reference guide helps you understand how the YZBuyer product exchange process works:

Here is how the YZ Buyer product exchange process works:

  1. Log in to YZ Buyer and go to your Orders tab. Tap or click on Exchange to create a request 
  2. Depending on the kind of product you wish to exchange, your request may have to undergo a verification process 
  3. Following verification, you will be required to confirm your decision based on the category of product ordered. Three options are available: 
  • Exchange: Your order will be exchanged for a new identical product of a different size or color 
  • Replace: The product in your order will be replaced with an identical product in case it is damaged (broken or spoiled) or defective or is not as described.
  • Refund: Currently we do not have refunds on your orders at the moment. All items are thoroughly checked before they are dispatched by our QC team. Items can be exchanged with a different product in special scenarios. Please speak to the customer service team to check if you are eligible to do so. Please drop us a mail at and our team will get back to you.
  • Keep ready all the requisite items necessary for a smooth exchange process — including invoice, original packaging, price tags, freebies, accessories, etc. 
  • Pickup and Delivery of your order will be scheduled in case of exchanges and replacements 

How long does the YZ Buyer product exchange process take?

As soon as you fill out the form online, you will receive an email at your registered email address and an SMS on your registered mobile phone number. You can also track the process by visiting the My Account page on your laptop or smartphone by clicking on My Orders. If you’re going in for an exchange, your replacement product will be delivered to you at the same time as the pick-up in most cases. Remember to keep tracking your order.

15 days

You may request for a replacement within 15 days of delivery for the lifestyle category which includes clothing (excluding lingerie, innerwear, socks, and freebies), footwear, eyewear and fashion accessories

 NOTE: Be aware that for the above two buckets YZ Buyer’s exchange policy applies as long as the items are unworn, unwashed, without stains, undamaged and with all original tags & packaging intact.

Product exchange– common scenarios

When is your order eligible for product exchange or replacement ?

Explore some of the scenarios to gain a better understanding so that you make an informed choice and experience peace of mind when you shop on YZ Buyer.

 When your order is damaged, defective or tampered

 First, check if there is any damage to the product that you ordered. Sometimes, the package may appear to be damaged due to shipping and handling but the product inside the packaging may be in good condition. However, if you notice that your package has been tampered with, or the product not sealed properly in its box, you may opt to raise a Exchange request. Click on the Orders tab desktop site to find the Exchange option. Opt for this and follow the next steps of the process. The YZ Buyer product customer service team will take over from here.

Depending on the category of product ordered, you may opt for a Replacement.